Founded in 1995, in Tedisel we produce hospital equipment for areas of hospitalization, critical areas and surgical block distributing it in more than 50 countries around the world. Quality and innovation in equipment.


Orientation to the customer: dedicate our efforts to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide the best service through efficiency and commitment.

Commitment to results: strategic plans, collective and individual aims, and ultimately objectives, decision making, are carried out on the basis of their impact on the achievement of the Vision, beyond immediate economic objectives.

Confidence: Confidence is the result of the acquired commitments. We are committed to building trust between all those involved in it.

The trust of our customers, fulfilling the commitments and exceeding their expectations.

The trust of our employees, built on the personal and professional growth of all and each one of them.

The trust of our shareholders, based on the generation of results.

Integrity: Everyone in the company should behave with honesty, rectitude, dignity and ethics. The management of the company will act with transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.

Illusion of the staff in the achievement of committed challenges.

  • Tedisel Medical is born

    A team of professionals with wide experience in the sector of the hospital equipment: Rafael Márquez, coming from a manufacturing company of headboards and electrical safety equipment and Josep Márquez in the sector of electrical installations, with different operating staff of their respective teams decide to put together their knowledge and experience to found Tedisel Ibérica, S.L., the entity's initial name of Tedisel Medical. As all beginning, ours was not easy, but the tenacity of Tedisel Ibérica, S.L. staff will bring to the company the strength needed to grow day by day.

  • First products in our catalog

    The Tedisel Medical catalogue begins to take shape with its first products of hospital equipment. The headboards of hospital areas, electrical and technical panels for surgical areas mark the start of what will grow year after year products family of our company.

  • First sales in Europe

    The first exports to Europe begin in Portugal with the insulation electrical panels for operating theatres.

  • TEYDE, the first ICU Suspended

    The first ICU suspended from Tedisel Medical is released in 1998, TEYDE still remains the choice in those customers who demand an alternative to header attached to the wall with a functional and versatile design in those projects that do not require very high load capacities.

  • q panelQ-Panel, first technic panel at operating room

    All controls in an operating theatre can be centralized from the new technical panel at operating room: Q-Panel, including electrical equipment, medicinal gases, electrical leakage, minimum pressure of gas alarm, alarm control semaphore of operating room, battery status, X-Ray viewer switcher, lights switcher, etc.

  • Our first national event

    'XV Congress of hospitable engineering' held in Barcelona in the month of June 2000. This event was for us the opportunity we needed to complete the evolution that the company had developed so far, and a major step to strengthen the confidence that our customers had been paying so far.

  • South american market opened

    Our first incursion into the South American market comes with hospitalization headerboards to Brazil. Functionality and comfort for patients and users.

  • First technical panel made of Synthetic Solid Surface

    The Synthetic Solid Surface Tedisel Medical uses in his operating room technical panels provides it, as well as an avant-garde aesthetic and easy maintenance, the adequate protection that prevents the spread of germs with its high resistance to fungi with a proper cleaning of its non-porous surface.

  • First sales in Asia

    Singapore is the Asian country which produces the first sale of technical panels of operating room in the Southeast Asian market.

  • Our headboards in Europe and Asia

    In 2003, we conducted two important milestones in Tedisel Medical on exports. The headboards of hospitalization come to Germany and India, reaching the European continent and South Asian.

  • ATLAS, the ICU suspended

    The ICU suspended, ATLAS, is ideal for the equipment of critical areas. You can merge monitoring and infusion carts, and it is an ideal solution for areas where the columns are not required.

  • First sales in Middle East, Saudi Arabia

    The arrival of Tedisel Medical to Middle East begins with the first sales of hospitalization headboards to Saudi Arabia.

  • Algeria, first sales in North Africa

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  • First International Event: Medica Düsseldorf 2007

    Medical Tedisel makes its break to international presence with its attendance to the prestigious Medica Düsseldorf 2007, the largest exhibition in Europe, and world reference of issues of equipment and service for hospitals, health clinics and laboratories. This year, as result of the participation of Tedisel Medical at Medica Düsseldorf 2007 begin on the market of Eastern Europe exports with the first sales of ICU suspended in Russia and Belarus.

  • Expansion of products in the European market

    After a technological and design hard work, and following the success of sales in Europe of the headboards of hospitalization since 2003, it is produced the first sales of technical panels of operating room and ICU suspended in Germany and France, respectively.

  • Maquina de corte Tedisel MedicalNew numerical control and cut machines

    The control of the production process of our products is one of the major objectives in Tedisel Medical. In 2009 is incorporated a new cut machine and a numerical control one, which allows us to control and increase the production of technical panels among others.

  • ABITUS launching

    With ABITUS, Tedisel Medical launches a differential ICU suspended, with columns integration that incorporate electrical installations and medical gases.

  • Operating room ceiling pedants and Tandem for ICU

    Tedisel Medical launches the operating room ceiling pedants, providing greater security in the placement of monitoring equipment and facilitate medical tasks. The infusion column and monitoring column can also go in Tandem, thus achieving an optimization of the space in the ICU and have covered all the needs in equipment.

  • Expansion of products in Europe and Asia

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  • First technical panels in Africa and Asia

    Exports with Asia is enlarged reaching Sri Lanka, Central Asia, with the first sales of operating room technical panels. This year and with the same product also is wide the African market, with sales in Gabon, Central Africa.

  • Renewal and obtain new certificates

    Tedisel Medical always concerned about the safety and quality of its products obtained the renewal of the ISO 13485 MDD annex II.3, as well as obtaining certified ISO 9001, with TÜV Rheinland LGA.

  • Expansion of products in the South American market

    The South American market is wide with the demand for products with the technical panels of operating room in Peru.