Centralized controls

Success stories

National University Hospital, Singapore
Clínica Delgado, Lima – Perú
Central Hospital Pvt ltd, Sry Lanka
Cuban Hospital, Qatar
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Barcelona – Spain
Clínica Fátima, Sevilla- España
Hospital Vall d’Hebrón de Barcelona, Barcelona – Spain
Hospital Internacional Ruber, Madrid – Spain

Centralized Control and Display in the Operating Theatre

Customizable, depending on the needs of the operating theatre area.

Its inert and non-porous material makes it ideal to maintain the required asepsis in the operating theatre.

Alternatives for Q Panel

Possibility of incorporating different elements:
· Control individualized cards with different functions:
– Perimetral Light Switch
– Batteries State Control
– UPS Status
– Operating Room Status Indicator
· Possibility of incorporating Electrical Alarm Repeater and Gas Alarm Repeater
· Digital clock & Stopwatch with control. Analog clock with battery.
· Installing Telephone Handsfree, both digital and analog model.
· Incorporation of gas outlets in a completely separate compartment.

Compact and integrated Q Panel
The operating room is the place where we find a greater number of medical equipment.
The compact Q Panel is designed to centralize all the elements of an operating room.
It is able to adapt all kinds of elements of other brands such as screens, electronic systems or alarm systems. It is completely integrated into the wall.

Q Panel in detail

Digital control panel
Hermes is a digital control panel, managed by a PLC and comprised by PC and touchscreen.
It integrates all the control elements, signals and alarms of the operating theatre and offers numerous services, specially aimed at the maintenance personnel.

The technical panel can be accessed in two ways: from the interior or exterior of the operating theatre.
Interior access: it will be inspected by means of hinged doors; in the case it is done from outside of the operating theatre Exterior access: Panel with a single hinge door, located in the rear section, accessible from the septic hall.

· New design based on smooth surfaces flush with all elements or integrated within the panel.
· Design adaptable to the functional and the dimensions of the operating room.

Innovative Image Management System
· Easy and intuitive touchscreen control.
· Robust retransmission and image recording.

Visualization and monitoring screen
Available sizes: 42” ~ 48”

Panel materials
The panel is made of Solid Surface or phenolic resin combined with crystals for medical use, which vary depending on type and size of its functionality
Material characteristics:
· Non-porous, indicated for strict asepsis environments such as operating theatres.
· Inert, in the case of fire, the gases of its combustion are not toxic.
· It is completely waterproof it is ideal for use in Hospitals, operating theatre/surgery areas
The crystals are:
· Antireflective
· Medical grade.
· Vitrified, being opaque and transparent Surface according to the areas that require or display.
The combination of Solid Surface and tinted glass, give the Panel an innovative aesthetic with a smooth finish for easy cleaning.

Integrated elements
· Stopwatch & Digital Clock.
· Electrical outlets with cover
· Capacitive Push buttons integrated.
· Sound amplification system
· Patch panel integrated, with video, audio and data sockets
· Medical keyboard.

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