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Clínica Iberoamericana – Barranquilla, Colombia
Al Ain E.R. Hospital – U.A.E
Hospital Santa María – Lleida, Spain
Hospital Sant Joan de Deu – Esplugues, Spain
Maya bed head unit has been designed specially to equip paediatric units. With the aim to give a different appearance to the place where children spend a lot of time and specially considering that this target group is even more sensitive to the environment, we offer a product that can be personalized with different topics as we show in the pictures.
Ayla falled in love with a beautiful horse that lives in Tulipania, where princes and princesses hid behind the trees of the enchanted forest.
This funny martian winked to Joel, while he travelled discovering news constellations beyong milky way.
Irene was sailing with a little boat and found this beauty starfish and she discovered this wonderful coloured world.

The unit consists of 2 extruded aluminium profiles in the top and bottom part, combined with a metal sheet compartment in between. In the upper profile, indirect light is equipped and it is possible to include a special night light which consists of 2 LED (one in each side), that throw light through perforated star shapes creating a fancy effect in the ceiling. The lower profile is used for direct lighting and electrical mechanisms.
In the middle of the unit, a metal sheet compartment assembled to the profiles is used to locate up to 3 medical gases according to the design of the front cover, which is made of high pressure laminated.

If desired, night light can be equipped by means of LED lights distributed in the cover following decoration topics.

Front cover can be removed easily for maintenance tasks.

The same topic decoration of the front cover is performed in a rear HPL sheet to create a continuous effect.

Marc plays daily with his jungle friends observing the sunset of the african savanna.
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