Success stories

Hospital de Bellvitge, Barcelona – Spain
Clínica Fátima, Sevilla – Spain
Hospital de Llevant, Palma de Mallorca – Spain
C Oktyabr-sky Hospital, Russia
Ansari Saleh Hospital, Indonesia
Southern Philippines Medical Center (Davao), Philippines
CAE Telde, Gran Canaria – Spain
Ceiling pendants help to optimize the space inside an operation room and to keep wires and other elements to interfere with the operation table. Columns make easier medical tasks and procedures adding safety while placing monitoring equipment. The wide range of arms that Tedisel Medical offers covers the needs of any operation theatre.

Infusion column
Vertical column consisting of three aluminium profiles, offering 3 useful sides for equipment and accessories. In the rear side there are 2 vertical technical rails which are extruded giving a proper rigidity instead of screwing rails as many of the existing columns in the market. These rails are used to fix shelves and drawers as well as infusion pumps and vertical poles.

In the side profiles it is possible to install electrical mechanisms, communication devices and medical gases. To access the interior of the product there is a security key in the front part which opens two side tilting doors for ease of maintenance.


The new ceiling pendant Icon is a column that integrates control devices typically installed in a wall surgical facility panel plus the common mechanisms used in a standard anesthesia or surgery columns. It is produced with three assembled aluminium profiles and a Corian cover in the front side.

Monitoring column
It consists of a horizontal column with front and rear side to be used for electrical mechanisms and medical gases. In the lower side of the column it is possible to add a monitoring trolley to use accessories such as shelves and drawers for this version. The system used for the trolleys is the same as the one used for Abitus ceiling beam. Acces to the column is performed from the lower part with security key and tilting doors.

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