Ideal to equip critical areas

Success stories

Hospital universitario de Jaén- Spain
Clínica Fátima, Sevilla- Spain
Clínica Iberoamericana, Barranquilla – Colombia
Clínica Internacional San Borja, Lima- Peru
Lybian European Hospital, Lybia
V ito Fazzi In Leece, Italy
Burjeel Hospital , UAE
Southern Philippines Medical Center (Davao), Philippines
Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona – Spain
Hospital IMQ Zorrotzaure, Bilbao – Spain
ATLAS is the second model offered by Tedisel to equip critical areas. It may be completed with monitoring and infusion trolleys and is an ideal solution for hospital areas where columns are not required.

A bridging unit made from the highest quality extruded aluminum (4mm average thickness).

Gas pipes and electricity cables are housed in separate isolated compartments within the suspension tubes which are vertically divided by an internal division.

Movable trolleys, with mechanical brakes and 360º rotation, can be positioned anywhere along the full length of the profile creating an optimized working space.

Rounded tray and trolley edges for added personal safety in hurried environments.

All lighting modules are designed as independent units for ease of access and maintenance.

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