Support in the critical area and operating theater

Ares is a ceiling supply unit designed to critical areas and operating theaters as:

  • Intensive care units (I.C.U).
  • Operating theater.
  • Recovery room.
  • Neonatology.
  • Urgency room.

  • Critical area and Operating theater
    Ares contain electrical, gas and telecommunication outlets. Can be equipped with supports for medical instruments as:

  • Tubes carrying elements diameter 38 mm for monitor arm support, infusion stand, etc.
  • Shelf.
  • Drawer.
  • Technical rail.

  • Ares has two assembly options:

  • Double or single arm.
  • Direct assembly to concrete ceiling.

  • Both assembly options are designed to orientate Ares to the medical personnel work zone.
    An free workspace, allows the attachment of electro-medical accessories such as ventilators, infusion pumps, suction pumps, etc. allowing a better attention and a high comfort level for patients.

    Dimension (L/W/H ): 700 – 900 x 468 x 245 mm
    Max. Load: 150 Kg

    Electrical System
    Rated voltaje: 110/230 Vca
    Rate current: 10 A or16A per circuit. 20A and 25A optional.
    Rate frequency: 50/60Hz

    Lighting System (optional)
    Ballast: Electronic: conventional or dimmable
    Direct light 1X24 W TCL
    Night light 5 W

    Gas system
    Compressed gases 5 bar
    Compressed air-nitrogen supply to air motors 10 bar
    Gas of Tipe: Oxygen, Medical Air, Nitrous Oxide, Vacuum, Anesthetic Gas Aspiration

    Anchor to reinforced concrete by fixing plate

    Transportation and storage
    The following storage conditions apply for up to 15 weeks:
    Ambient temperature: -10°C to + 60°C
    Relative humidity: 20% – 80%

    Ambient conditions
    Ambient temperature: +10 ºC – +40ºC
    Relative humidity: Max. 75%

    Directive 93/42/EEC: CLASS II B

    EC Conformidad / EC Conformity
    The product TEDISEL MEDICAL comply with the provisions of Directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Devices Directive), normative UNE- EN-ISO 11197 (medical supply units) and normative
    EN ISO 13485 ( related to medical supply gases)

    CE 0197
    TüV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH
    Certification Office Am Grauen Stein
    51105 Cologne

    Download ARES data sheet
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    EC Declaration Conformity: